S2U2 2.43

Unlock your PDA the iPhone way


  • Simple slide bar
  • Configure wallpapers
  • Loads of functions and settings


  • Settings menu can be daunting


With S2U2 (Slide 2 Unlock 2) you can replicate the iPhone's unlocking system on your Pocket PC.

The iPhone slide-to-unlock feature has set new standards in phone-blocking, and has left the Windows Mobile locking function looking very antiquated.

S2U2 kicks in when your phone is idle and displays a screensaver that looks remarkably like the one on the famous Apple device. This features a clock, battery indicator and the famous slide bar itself, which you just need to hold and drag to unlock your device. If you like, you can apply password-protection in S2U2, meaning that a code is needed to access the device once the slider has been swiped.

S2U2 does a lot more than just add phone locking though. In fact, the myriad of features inside its iPhone-themed Settings menu can be pretty daunting at first. You can tweak various aspects of the display such as the time and date formats, clock fonts, items to display, etc.

You can also use S2U2 to apply wallpapers, add MP3 sounds, configure alarms, and much more. Actually, the application is now almost as useful as the Today screen itself.

Install S2U2 if you want a more modern and user-friendly way of locking your Pocket PC.

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